Bianca Mavrick Jewellery

Tropical Wave translates the label’s iconic graphic motifs into lightweight resin, colour-coated brass and sterling silver statement earrings. Together, these graphic motifs walk the line between style and subtext, cleverly capturing the irreverent essence of scorching summers. 

The collection is an ode to subtropical summer in the city, the humidity, lush foliage and summer fruits. For those unafraid of a refreshing burst of colour, training all eyes on your ears! 

The series engages distinctive motifs full of personal subtext. Magnet motifs playfully bless the wearer with the power of luck and attraction and comb motifs an ode to wide tooth combs used to tame unruly sea salt encrusted hair! 

The designs are light-weight with uniquely hand poured and marbled resin. These are painstakingly hand sanded to a frosted finish - reminiscent of summer ice blocks!

Styling by Dani Marano

Photography by Jaala Alex

Make-up by Alyssa Selin

Model Kat Mai @ Not Your Baby Agency

Woven garments by Isabel Wengert