Jewellery Care Instructions


Resin is strong and durable, but like ceramic it can break if dropped against a hard surface. To restore sheen to resin, simply apply a non tinted natural body moisturiser, condition and wipe away. To keep your resin jewellery in great condition, simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Colour coated and plated metals

Do not let your colour coated or plated jewellery come in contact with water and make-up. Do not drop against a hard surface. Wipe your jewellery after wearing with a soft cloth to remove the oils from your skin. Keep your jewellery in it's packaging to avoid any scratched surfaces.

Sterling Silver and precious metals

Take your jewellery off when showering, exercising and swimming and store in the packaging provided. Avoid exposure to perfumes, oils and household chemicals. If tarnishing occurs, wipe with a jewellery cleaning cloth.


Handcrafted Nature

All our jewellery is carefully handcrafted from scratch in our studio. There are many involved silversmithing, artisanal craft and industrial processes involved to create each piece. We pay the utmost attention to quality control. Due to the handmade nature of these pieces, and the nature of the resin material, each piece has subtle variances in colour and pattern. We think these variances give the jewellery its unique character. Please be aware that while we try our hardest to colour match the resins, each piece of resin marbles differently and can not be replicated. You may not receive exactly what is pictured but we promise you will love your unique piece.