Magnet Tassel Earrings (Fuschia)

Magnet Tassel Earrings (Fuschia)


Magnets are an iconic Bianca Mavrick Jewellery motif - designer Bianca comes from Greek-Italian family heritage which makes for very superstitious stock. But instead of the classic evil eye motif - every collection we give you magnets. A way to channel your personal power and attract those lucky vibes. Wear these while reciting DJ Khaled quotes to yourself in the mirror.

A statement drop earring made from orange 18mm diameter tough colour coated brass earring discs, unique resin magnet and triangle motifs and sterling silver ear posts, backs and rings. Resin motifs in blue, lime, yellow, pink and flesh tones.

Made from sterling silver, coated brass and uniquely pigmented and marbled resin.

Dimensions length 7.5 cm, width 4 cm Weight 13 grams


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